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Valentine Poems For Love

At first I wasn't looking for love. I wanted no one in my life, for I had totally given up. All I wanted was to hide.


Of all the things I've ever said, Of all the tears I've ever shed, Of all the things I did to you, I want you to know that I still love you. Of all the days we fought and cried, Of all the days I wished I'd died, Of all the things you did to pull me through, I don't believe it, but I still love you.


All the love that history knows, Is said to be in every rose. Yet all that could be found in two, Is less than what I feel for you. (Happy Valentine's Day)


My Valentine, I love just you; My devotion I declare. I'll spend my life looking for ways To show you that I care.


If all the women lived over sea what good swimmers, you Emen, would be if all the women lived over sea that would leave you for me.


On Valentine's Day, I pray for you
that our love for each other
will be as deep and boundless
as the love shown to us
by our Savior, Jesus Christ.
I pray that our loving bond
will be as unbreakable and everlasting
as the Lord's love for us.
I pray that each Valentine's Day
will remind us to be as
selfless and giving with each other
as our Lord was for us


It is the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance.
It is the dream afraid of walking
that never takes a chance
and the soul afraid of gying
that never learns to live."


Have I told u, Valentine,
Dat I'm all wrapped up in u?

My feelings 4 u bring 2 me
A jy I never knew.

U light up everything 4 me;
In my heart u shine;

Illuminating my whole life,
My darling Valentine.


My Valentine, I luv jst u;
My devotion I declare.

I'll spend my life looking 4 ways
2 show u dat I care.

Plz say u feel da same 4 me;
Say u'll b 4ever mine;

We'll share a life of happiness,
My treasured Valentine.


U'll always b my luv--my hero, 2,
Da person I can count on constantly.

U satisfy me like no other could;
I'm ecstatic dat it's u who makes us "We."

I'm always thankful 4 da day we met;
I luv u, & I'm happy u are mine.

I'll always feel dis joy, dis bliss, dis peace,
If u'll b my luv 4ever, Valentine.


U are my everything, Valentine.
As a desert creature longs 4 water,

my thirst 4 u can never b slaked.
In a ho-hum day dragging on,

thoughts of u bring excitement, joy & pleasure.
As a child opens da birthday gift he mst wanted,

I c everything I want in u.
U are my everything, Valentine.


Raindrops on our dresses,
Sunshine on our face,
No matter wat da weather,
Da look of luv won't b replaced.

Da silent sound as rain falls,
Da brilliance of da sun.
Day only promise radiance,
Caused by either 1.

Let it rain, or let it shine,
It won't matter none.
U're such a luvly Valentine,
In either rain, or sun.


How Do I Luv thee? Let me count da ways.
I luv thee 2 da depth & breadth & height.

My soul can reach, wen feeling out of sight.
4 da ends of Bing an ideal Grace.

I luv thee 2 da level of everyday's.
Most quiet need, by sun & candlelight.

I luv thee freely, as men strive 4 Right;
I luv thee purely, as day turn from Praise.


Oh precious oh precious plz b mine.
I want 2 b ur Valentine.

I'll do anything 2 b ur rose.
I want 2 b da Valentine u chose.

Hold my hand & don't let go.
Open ur heart & feel our luv grow.

Lock me in ur heart just 4 a day.
Feeling ur luv while reality fades away.

I'll wait year after year.
Crying & sobbing tear after tear.

Oh precious oh precious plz b mine.
I want 2 b ur Valentine!


U're da one I luv.
Da one dat I adore.
U're da only one I see.
& I couldn't ask 4 more.

Shades of pink & red.
Flowers of white & blue.
I don't need all these things.
'cause all I want is u.

But I keep u in my heart.
U're always on my mind.
So think of me a while.
& hw our hands entwined.

Bing here 2day.
I can't believe u're mine.
So I want u 2 know.
Dat u're my sweetest Valentine.


Ur grace so pure, ur face so sweet;
My heart has 4gotten its steady bat.

A smile, a wave; I'm completely taken,
My core is left profoundly shaken.

My luv 4 u is absolute & true.
I luv ur eyes, ur smile... All of u.

I want ur luv, I want u near..
My fidelity is steadfast, never fear.

I know I'm not perfect, I can't deny.
2 u, however, I'll never lie.


Valentine Poems For Love

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