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I love you with all my heart Right from the very start Our love grows stronger everyday With everything you do and say Happy Valentines Day Our love is here to stay


If you were love's promise, then I would be time, your constant companion till stars align. And though we are mere mortals, true love is divine, and my devotion eternal, to my one valentine.


My days are filled with yearning; My nights are full of dreams. I'm always thinking of you; I'm in a trance, it seems. You're all I ever wanted; I wish you could be mine; And so I have to ask you: Will you be my Valentine?


I wish you were my Valentine Though I may not be yours, And I may, in my ignorance, Be speaking to closed doors. I have no inkling of your heart, No hint what you might say; But when I think of you the sun Will just not go away. There is in you a loveliness That makes my darkness shine, And so I'll wait, if wait I must, To be your Valentine.


As long as there is love, I will cherish you. As long as there is life, I will love you. As long as the stars shine above, I will want you. As long as there are waves in the ocean, I will need you. As long as there is heaven above, there will always be our love.


On Valentine's Day, the day of affection, I'm sending fond thoughts in your direction. You're really special, my perfect friend; Together, we are a perfect blend.


Daddy, I love you For all that you do. I'll kiss you and hug you 'Cause you love me, too. You help me, but sometimes, need me to teach you to play. So smile 'cause I love you On this Valentines Day!


The candy will soon disappear And the flowers will die away But the love that I have for you in me That will always stay.


Oh! the happy bounding flea You cannot tell the he from she But she can tell And so can he Whoopee ! From one bed bug to another, Happy Valentine's Day


My Valentine, my love, my all, How did this come to be? This romance has me quite beguiled; You've captivated me. I breathe you every waking hour, And when I sleep, I dream That you are in my arms again... Sweet fantasies extreme.


You, my love, mean more to me
Than I could ever convey,
My soul mate and closest friend,
A ray of light God gave
I can't find the words to express
How much you mean to me,
For the love I have for you today
Goes on through eternity.


You're in my thoughts and in my heart
Wherever I may go;
On Valentine's Day,I'd like to say
I care more than you know.


Although our love is over,it remains
An unfrequented garden in my heart,
Its beauty quite inseparable from pain,
A wilderness where once was willful art.
I hope a little piece of you is still
Reserved for me,a place you may not go,
But where my room, untenanted,can fill
A moment with my music,sweet and slow.
There are no wishes like a former lover's
That from the dark,repentant night must shine.
And so though we have both moved on to others,
I send you from afar this Valentine.


It's Valentine's Day -
that time of year
when we are
once again reminded
of the grand,
old difference between
men and women.
Women are better.
Happy Valentine's Day


Raindrops on our dresses,
Sunshine on our face,
No matter what the weather,
The look of love won't be replaced.
The silent sound as rain falls,
The brilliance of the sun.
They only promise radiance,
Caused by either one.


Love is a miracle, sweet as can b,
Dat will always remain a complete mystery.

4 though it is something dat's centuries old,
It cannot b purchased 4 silver or gold.

Bt instead mst b given of one's own free will,
& received wid no promises it mst fulfil.

No problems 2 great & no problems 2 small,
4 luv, like a miracle, conquers dem all.

& leaves in dair place such a feeling of peace,
Dat jy, jst like luv, cannot help bt increase!


I may not always tell u
Wat I'm feeling deep inside

Da emotions & da feelings
Dat I sometimes tend 2 hide

But I'm really proud & pleased
2 know dat u are mine

& I hope dat u still luv me
My Darling Valentine


My Valentine, u're all I want;
In u, I find joy & delight;

U give me everything I need;
I'm happiest wen u're in sight.

I think of u both night & day;
I'm drawn 2 u in pure attraction;

Wen u're not here, I ache 4 u,
4 ur fulfilling satisfaction.


Luv is more time 2 share.
It's really wen u care.

It's two people joined.
I was in luv with u

B4 u could drop a coin.
It's a sense of trust,

Bt not enough lust
It's a commitment 2 b there,

But would u always b there
2 share & care?


Valentine's Day reminds me,
of da smile I smile..

Every time I think of u,
da emotional lift I feel.

At da sound of ur name.,
Valentine's Day reminds me.

Of da strength & comfort I get,
4rm knowing.

There r people like u in my life.
Everything good about Valentine's Day.

Reminds me of u.
Happy Valentine's Day!


On Valentine's Day, we think about.
Da people who r dear,

Hw much day add 2 life's delight.
Wenever day r near.

U've always been a total joy,
Such pleasant company,

I/We very much appreciate
Our compatibility!


I luv our cute moments.
Day mean so much me.
Like watching scary movies.
As an excuse 2 hold me.

Like walking around alone.
2 find something I had misplace.
Jst 2 let me know u luv me.
& 2 c da _expression on my face.

Like writing me those little notes.
Dat shows hw much u care.
Or sending me an email.
telling of da life dat we will share.


As time goes by from year 2 year,
1 thing is surely true, my dear;

Though decades come & decades go,
Jst seeing u sets me aglow.

Ur loving heart turns life 2 play,
As we laugh at time from day 2 day.

So I write dis poem, & I'll hang my sign,
Saying, "Always B My Valentine."


See da mountains kiss high Heaven.
& da waves clasp one anodar;

No sister-flower would b 4given.
If it disdained its brother;

& da sunlight clasps da earth.
& da moonbams kiss da sea:

Wat is all dis sweet work worth.
If thou kiss not me?.


Since da early dawn of time.
Wen primeval poets invented rhyme.

U have been what drive dam mad..
Never a sweeter sickness has man had.

So, since u r here, please indulge.
Dis bliss-bound bard while I divulge.

Since wen, & Y, & hw my dear.
I've known my luv 4 u is sincere.


Da night was made 4 romance.
In da night our two hearts dance.

Under da stars our lips 2uch.
In da garden ur embrace means so much.

Da night was made 4 luv.
Our hearts cooing like a white dove.

Ur eyes sparkling like diamonds so white.
I luv u darling wid all my might.

Da night was made 4 caring & trust.
& darling, God made dis night 4 us.

Happy Valentine Day !


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