Valentine Poems For Kids

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Valentine Poems For Kids

Dad you are my favorite man,
And I sure want you to know,
I'll always respect and love you, Dad
No matter how big I grow!
I'm lucky to have you as my dad!
I love you.


I'll be very happy
If you'll be my Valentine;
You'll fill my heart with joy,
And my day with bright sunshine!


On Valentine's day, I think of u, Mom;
I luv u really a lot.

In my life that's full of many good things,
U're the very best thing I've got!

It's Valentine's Day, so I want 2 say,
I'm the luckiest kid anywhere;

U're the sweetest, greatest, bst mom around
& I want u 2 know I care!

Happy Valentine's Day, Mom!


Dad u are my favorite man,
& I sure want u 2 know,

I'll always respect & luv u, Dad
No matter how big I grow!

I'm lucky 2 have u as my dad!
I luv u.


Out of a snow cloud, cold & gray,
Something dropped on St. Valentine's Day,

Whirling & twirling & soft & light,
Like wee little letters all dainty & white,

& I guess the sky children were sending down,
This Valentine straight 2 the children in town.


My teacher's very special
so I'm making her a heart,

a valentine that's sure 2 be
a proper work of art.

I've worked on it all morning
so it should be ready soon,

I'd like 2 slip it on her desk
before this afternoon.


Luv counts not by the sun.
it hath no night or day.
'Tis only light when luv is near.
'tis dark with luv away.

Luv hath no measurements.
of height, or depth, or space,
But yet within a little grave.
it oft hath found a place.

Luv is its own best law.
its wrongs seek no redress;
Luv is forgiveness.
& it only knoweth how 2 bless.


Dear heart, on this thrice-blessed day,
An thou my sweetheart be,
The rose of luv shall bide alway.
Upon the red-rose tree.

& in the garden of my heart.
So ceaselessly shall shine,
The little birds will know thou art.
Mine own true Valentine.


I gave my first luv laughter,
I gave my second tears,
I gave my third luv silence.
Through all the years.

My first luv gave me singing,
My second eyes 2 see,
But oh, it was my third luv.
Who gave my soul 2 me.


There is dew for the floweret,
& honey for the bee,
& bowers for the wild bird,
& luv for u & me.

There are tears for the many,
& pleasure for the few;
But let the world pass on, dear,
There's luv for me & u.


I am a little Cupid,
& I come 2 visit thee,

2 tell u that I luv u,
& 2 know if u luv me.

& if u'll be my little wife,
& come along with me,

I'll take u 2 a luvly place,
& pretty flowers u'll see.


Valentine Poems For Kids

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