Wedding Poems For Sister

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Wedding Poems For Sister

For happy times shared through the years,
for the loyalty, love, the laughter and tears.
For the special things only you can do,
for all these things, I thank you!
Time and space may separate us,
but heartstrings know no end.
I'm proud to call you my sister,
happier still to call you my friend.


A wedding is a party with,
Of course, a wedding cake.
But sometimes by the time it comes,
It's hard to stay awake.
And so we have to get dressed up,
And eat a lot, and wait
For hours till they finally serve
The great big wedding cake.


I like you and I know why.
I like you because you are a good person to like.
I like you because when I tell you something special, you know it’s special
And you remember it a long, long time.
You say, “Remember when you told me something special?
And both of us remember


Your wedding day I'd never miss,
My dearest, sweet and lovely sis,
I'm so very proud of you,
And what you are about to do.
I think your wedding will be great,
And I will help to decorate,
It will be a day of fun,
And it is not to be outdone!
Know that I will be right here,
Each and every single year,
And I just cannot stop grinning,
Thinking of your new beginning!


It's fitting that it's sunny
As you become a wife
Since from when we were small
You've been the sunshine of my life
You've been the perfect sister
I couldn't have asked for more
This comes with love to my Wonderful
Sister and brother-in-law


On this special day of your wedding
You are the most beautiful of all brides

And I am so proud to be here and to let
Everyone know that this is my Sister

No words can express how happy I am for you
And to see that smile on your face

I know he will take care of you and love you
I wish you the best, my dear Sister and lots of Love.


As wedding bells are ringing
you've had so much to do...

from addressing invitations
to finding something blue.

So here's a lovely hanky
that's from my heart to yours,

and with it my best wishes
as you open your life's doors.

Wishing you a wonderful wedding day.


A childhood shared has made us
who we are today,
life would have been so different
without you along my way.

Now you're getting married
a new life is soon in store, and I wish for you my sister
this and so much more...

Children, love, and happiness
will be God's gifts to you,
prosperity and peace of mind,
in all the things you do.


I wish you all the happiness
your wedding day can bring,

and moments filled with tenderness
as you exchange your rings.

I wish for you a pledge of trust
sealed with a special kiss,

but more than this I wish for you
years of wedded bliss.

You are a wonderful sister and
I wish you the best the future can bring.


I remember days gone by
when we gazed at stars up in the sky
and sat and dreamed of what could be...
Yes, I remember you and me.

My sister yes, but good friend too,
you were to me and I to you.
When you were sad I'd hold your hand,
and thoughts I shared you'd understand.

But Sister please remember this;
your life may change with just one kiss,
but in my heart will always be
a special place for you and me.

I love you so much.
I wish you love and joy in your life ahead.


My dear Big Sis, you are the greatest there is,
And amazing in everyway.

I greatly admire and look up to you,
Each and every day.

You are always showing how much you care,
From your heart that is filled with love.

You are a beautiful Angel,
Sent from the heavens above.


Sometimes we may get mad,
Or we may begin to fight,

But that's the fun part about having a sister,
We both think we're always right!

I'm so glad that I did not have,
A sister in the past,

It's made me much more thankful,
For the sister I have at last.


I'll always be here through thick and thin.
You can come to me, I'll listen.

I'm your friend, I won't push you away.
When you need a hug, my arms are wide open.

When you need to talk, I have an open ear.
Your growing up and getting older.

Know that I'm always here, I'm not going anywhere.
Wherever you are, I'm there with you.

You're in my heart and my prayers.
Just know I'm here, because I truly care.


If you are blessed to have a sister through blood,
Be thankful. And if you're all alone, grab the first precious girl.
In your life, and make her your sister..
Sisters are everything you need.
And a whole lot more.


A wedding is the entrance to a marriage
One drives through, and suddenly one's there!
Stepping from a fairy tale carriage
Into quite ordinary air.
Life is now a dance, though beautiful


Sister, sister
save my soul
sister, sister
don't leave me alone.
Sister, sister
he is here
sister, sister
he grows near.


How lucky I am to have you
I call you my Big Sis
Sis is not short for sister
It is this
Simply Incredible Sister
The one on whom I depend
You're not just my sister
But my all weather friend
Even when we're old
You'll still be top to me
I'll still call you my Big Sis
That's what you'll always be


Wedding Poems For Sister

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