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Sorry Poems To Boyfriend

I have been stupid
I have been silly
For hiding the truth
I am so sorry
I exceeded my limits
I pushed the boundary
For lying to you
This is my apology


Once freed from the claws of anxiety
Once the veil of apprehension is torn
Once freed from the maze of my mind
Clear became all that I have done.
We are both made of the same clay
Our hearts radiate love’s same ray
Though fear has kept us for long as prey
Our trust in each other will soon prevail
Our souls united in faith will soon sail.


My life was complete
But now it's not
I lost it all, because I fought.
She made me alive Now I am dead
I'm laying here Crying in my bed
Life is worthless So give it one last chance
And I will make it into something
I love you too much I can't let you go
So look into my eyes And say I love you so.


I love the way he smiles i love the way he laughs
In fact I love him more and more with every day that passes
Has more than just my boyfriend has my best friend
And I know no matter what hell be there to the end
No one can come between us not today not tomorrow
And as I reach my dreams I know he'll be there to follow
He loves me for me and I love him for him
And as long as I have him I know I'll always win


You said you loved me every day
I believed you how gay
I was willing to die for you
Now all I do is cry for you
Why do I want you back
when niceness is what you lack
for some reason I love you
more and more everyday
I'll get you back
and until then I'll forever pray


Ur confidence in me is shaken
Ur trust in me fully broken

Our past happiness seems forgotten
& it is me who allow it 2 happen.

So, sorry needs 2 b spoken
For I know u're heartbroken

But I hope ur heart will soften
& somehow, one day I can b forgiven.


Hw could I have ben so silly
2 do wat I did recently

If I could turn back the clock accordingly
I wouldn't have chosen 2 hurt u so badly.

So, plz accept my sincere apology
For making u so angry

Not dat it will make me feel less guilty
It's jst dat I can't bear 2 see u so unhappy.


Many tears u have shed
'Till ur eyes are all red

For all the hurtful words dat I have said
Wen kinder words should have ben uttered instead.

Now, I'm lying on my bd
Images of u in my head

Thinking of how many ways can sorry b said
Bcoz if I know, I'll say them all 2 u in a thread.


I know I have done wrong lately
& have hurt u tremendously
All I can say is sorry
Although it seems inadequate, really.

But if u could jst let me
2 explain my side of the s2ry
Of how painful it can b
2 know I have hurt someone so greatly.

My thoughts of u are many
As I want 2 make it up 2 u quickly
I'm now hoping fervently
For u 2 give me dis opportunity.


Sorry, I am so sorry my luv. I did not mean 2 hurt u
Wen u cry then I cry more than u

Bcoz I luv u all my heart & soul
Forgive me! I am so sorry my luv

I told u dat I would never hurt u again
bt again I made ur tears flow once more.

Nw, I promise u dat I will not hurt u again
Forgive me! I m so sorry my luv.


I did not intend 2 hurt u.
The way, I realize now, I did.

Ur luv means the world 2 me.
& it always will.

I will do watever it takes.
2 prove the same 2 u.

Ever since I met u.
& ur luv enveloped my heart.

I knew for sure dat.
A new chapter in my life would bgin from the start.

Forgive me for the hurt I have brought.
I have tried making it up 2 u through each little chance I got.

U have my luv for now & forever.


Jst three words, eight letters, but so tough 2 say.
The words seem 2 get stuck inside me, somewhere tucked away.

But dis is 2 vital 2 let them have their way.
I should try 2 say it now, I mst 2day.

I am sorry.


I m sorry for bing 2o emotional.
I m sorry for bing mean.

I m sorry dat I cry for u.
I m sorry coz I can't imagine my live widout u.

I m sorry for my self-centered luv.
I m sorry I cared not enough.

Bt trust me wen I say dat I luv u.
Should I say sorry for dat 2?


Sorry for each time I have hurt u.
Sorry incase u do not like anything I say or do.

Sorry for the times I have put up a fight.
Sorry I don't underst& why I jst can't do a thing right.

Sorry if I am sometimes so complicated.
Sorry for making u feel frustrated.

Sorry I am unable 2 fight back the tears.
Sorry for times I kept u away from peers.


Me & U.
Ur happiness means so much 2 me,
I can't blieve I hurt u.
U're the dearest thing in the world 2 me,
& I would never desert u.
I'm oh so very sorry;
I hope u know it's true.
Plz let me have jst one more chance
2 make it up 2 u!


Sorry Poems To Boyfriend

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