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Sorry Poems For Boyfriend

I知 sorry for hurting you,
I知 sorry for making you cry,
I知 sorry I didn稚 realise why,
I知 sorry for not understanding you,
I知 sorry for all those fights,
I知 sorry for not listening,
I知 sorry for not trying,
I知 sorry I failed you,
I知 sorry I didn稚 try,
I'm sorry I was never by your side,
I'm sorry I didn't saying 'I love you.


I don't understand why you're this way
What did I do or what did I say
We've been together for so long
What did I do that was so wrong
A kiss A tear
It's your voice I want to hear
We don't laugh any longer
my hopes are weakening not getting stronger
After all this time what do I do
All I can say is "I LOVE YOU''


I have posted so many sorrys
I have tweeted so many apologies
But you haven稚 responded even once
Now I can稚 bear your silence
Please reply from wherever you are
Light up my life like a shining star
Until then I will pray with all my might
That everything between us becomes alright
I am sorry


I have made some mistake,
They rest in the past
But my love for you
Will always last,
Even through we are
Miles apart,
Wanted to tell you
"Sorry" From My Heart


True friendship is a gift
Oh so precious and so rare
Sometimes we take it for granted
Sometimes we do despair
Our fault is being human
Mistakes are everywhere
Please let me not lose the gift
That is so precious and so rare


I gently brush ur hair behind ur ear.
Loosing u was my one & only fear.
Why do all things great come 2 an end.
u were my baby, my wife, even my friend.

Now ur gone u went away.
I am sorry for leading u astray.
But I must move forward & learn from my mistake.
I must learn 2 live wid my heart ache.

Thnx u for letting b a part of ur life.
I am glade 2 have had u for my wife.
Always & forever baby u'll always b mine.
I'll always luv u even past the end of time


I'm sorry u can't trust me
& won't ever let me in

I'm sorry u don't blieve in me
& dat I could not win

I'm sorry for not bing perfect
& bing able 2 break ur fears

I'm sorry for messing up
& causing all ur tears


I'm sorry for the things I've done.
I'm sorry I can't b ur numbr one.

I'm sorry I always put u 2 the test
I'm sorry I can't b the bst

I'm sorry I keep myself in a shell.
I'm sorry I put u through hell.

I'm sorry for all the pain.
& for not cleaning the stain.

I'm sorry for the things I've said.
& all the things u may have read.


Everyday it's the same thing,
My memories come 2 haunt me.
I never knew it'd come 2 dis
& now I'm regretting it.

Basically I'm saying sorry..
Sorry for my stupidity.
If u find it in ur heart 2 forgive me,
I thnx u wid full sincerity.

But if u find it 2 hard 2 do so,
It's all right, who can blame u?
If there's even anyone 2 blame, it's me..
Me & my stupidity..


I luv thee 2 the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun & candlelight.

I luv thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I luv thee purely, as they turn from Praise.

I luv thee wid the passion put 2 use
In my old griefs, & wid my childhood's faith.

I luv thee wid a luv I seemed 2 lose
Wid my lost saints,--I luv thee wid the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life!--&, if God choose,
I shall but luv thee better after death.


I did not intend 2 hurt u
The way, I realize now, I did.
Ur luv means the world 2 me.
& it always will..
I will do whatever it takes.
2 prove the same 2 u..
Ever since I met u.
& ur luv enveloped my heart.
I knew for sure dat.
A new chapter in my life would bgin from the start..
Forgive me for the hurt I have brought.
I have tried making it up 2 u through each little chance I got..
U have my luv for now & forever.


I m sorry for bing 2 emotional.
I m sorry for bing mean.

I m sorry dat I cry for u.
I m sorry coz I can't imagine my live widout u.

I m sorry for my self-centered luv.
I m sorry I cared not enough.

But trust me wen I say dat I luv u.
Should I say sorry for dat 2?


Sorry for each time I have hurt u.
Sorry incase u do not like anything I say or do.

Sorry for the times I have put up a fight.
Sorry I don't understand YI jst can't do a thing right.

Sorry if I m sometimes so complicated.
Sorry for making u feel frustrated.

Sorry I am unable 2 fight back the tears.
Sorry for times I kept u away from peers.


I'm at a loss for words.
Means I don't know what 2 say.
But u don't want 2 hear it.
So it doesn't matter anyway.

I'm 2 numb for words.
Means my lips won't part.
I want 2 say I'm sorry.
From a cold & sorry heart.

I want 2 say I'm sorry.
I want u 2 know it's true.
& all the crap I do or say.
I wouldn't lie 2 u.


I luv u so very much,
Even thou at times I do things dat hurt,

I try so hard 2 hope dat u always see,
How much u bing in my life means 2 me,

I m sorry yet again for causing u pain,
dat is the last thing I ever wanted 2 do,

I hope dat u still know how much I luv & cherish u,
Like nothing else in my life gives me the trill of bing luvd by u.

So I hope dat u listen & see it in my eyes,
dis sincere apology dat comes wid tears from deep inside.


Sorry Poems For Boyfriend

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