Dirty Love Poems

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Dirty Love Poems

I love you oh so very much
Totally, completely
From the very top of my head
To the bottom of my feetly
And another part really loves you
If you know what I mean!
Itís a place..not head nor feet
But directly in between


sing a song of sixpence,
a pocket full of pus,
4 and 20 homo's climb upon a bus,
when the bus began to move
they all began to sing
who's the dirty faggot
with his finger up me ring


to have the warmth, the desire
I explode inside from your ashy fire
ecstasy fills the void
my dirty thoughts your persona destroyed
the delicate cells that create the person you are
i lick them with my eyes from afar
the vibrations in your voice
leave my mind with a lustful choice
steal your beauty for my eyes alone


Getting older can be a pain,
But with you along, I can't complain.

Despite the things that we go through,
I know I'll never stop loving you.

Your loving heart turns life to play,
As we laugh at time from day to day.

So I write this poem, and I'll hang my sign,
Saying, "Always Be My Valentine."


You are so very beautiful and way too nice
I love you once I love you twice

I'll scream I love you with my last breath
Even in the after life I'll love you to death.


If I ask you in years to come
When you're old and grey

What did you do with your life my dear'
What do you think you might say

You see, I know the answer
Though you would never admit

That your life will end broken hearted
Of a love lost too scared to commit


Shall I compare you to a summer day?
With clear sky and sun light shine on your face.

And the smell of flower and grass all over the place.
Shall I compare you to a summer day?

With the heat of May that I always hate.
And with the rain hurry come then fade.


I think this day is exceptional
To reminisce your life in array

To commemorate,when the sun stretches his ray
Seeing your euphoric face is like flowers in may

So I am here with you willing to stay
Simply smiling and nothing to say

Hoping will be together since that day.


I like them in the rain.
I like them in sunshine.

I like them after whisky.
I like them after wine.

I like them when they ignore me.
And I like them when they pine.

I like them narrow.
I like them wide.


Saturday night on the town.
Either partying or clubbing.

The object to get someone into bed.
Some sights turn you on.

Some just turn your stomach.
While others turn your head.

Each long slender beauty.
Has a man on her arm.

Or a short dumpy friend.
As alcohol slowly takes its toll.

It's the short dumpy bird.
Gets the bloke in the end.


Simon the landscape gardening man.
Will turn his hand to what he can.

So not just gardens attract his attention.
Its not just horticultural dedication.

It's to the wives of clients he is drawn.
As he tends to garden and to lawn.

And when he's finished laying the patios.
He lays the client's wife before he goes.


Another survey released today.
Why they bother I fail to see.

Saying that men prefer sex it seems.
On days beginning with the letter 't'.

So is it Tuesday's and Thursday's.
Or tomorrow and today.


How long on the lapping waters
Crowded, hungry and cold
Each heave of the boat and we thought
This flimsy bucket couldn't hold.


One Man's Fish
One man's fowl
Is another mans fish
A skinny girl, that's
My ideal dish
I like them thin
And I like them lean


You tell me
you want to do
something dirty
something naughty
something crazy
so we go outside
and jump in muddy puddles.


If you loved me,
your dirty clothes
would go in the hamper
and not on the floor.
If you loved me,
you would put
away the ketchup
instead of leaving it on the table.


Honey, I do love you,
you know that.
I love you like roses love their petals
like cats love their naps
I love you like a bowl of soup
loves a spoon


Dirty Love Poems

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