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Cute Good Night Poems

Did you know something
That our friendship is not bound by time
Whether it is day, afternoon or night
To not have me in your mind, is a crime
So as you prepare to fall asleep
Make sure that you include me
In all the beautiful thoughts
And sweet dreams that you see
Good night


Look forward to dream
Hope to be the crème de la crème
Keep thinking about success
Amidst your bedroom mess
Bid adieu to your inner fright
Because I am here to say good night


Day is dying in the west,
time has gone we love the best
Now no more is left to say,but,
thankyou for a lovely day
What delights we had, to make us glad
You made me laugh,you touched my heart
While angels keep,our dreams so sweet
All will be well 'til next we meet


Night is the time to say goodbye to the past,
It is the time to wish for sleep, all night that lasts.
It is the time to forget all your worries and troubles,
It is the time to allow your dreams to bubble.
So lay your head on your pillow tonight,
And don't you forget to hug your blanket really tight.
I wish you a very very good night!


Good night, sleep tight,
Don't let the bedbugs bite,
Wake up bright
In the morning light
To do what's right
With all your might.
Gudnite my dear
I'm glad I have u near

4 da many things u've brought me
There's nothing I shall fear

Gudnite my dear
Let my songs wipe ur tears

We've certainly got each other
& we always shall through da years

Gudnite my dear
Let my prayer bring u cheer

Da moon is bright & da stars r shining
& day bless us always here


Goonite, again, my darling
I swear 2 u I'll return.

U will 4ever b in my heart
2 that there is no concern.

I will protect u against da harms
& hold u up in2 da light.

Just promise me not 2 cry,
Bcoz Nothing is as hard as Saying Goonite.


I powdered my hair, & pinned up my nose;
I hung up da bath, & I turned on my clodas;

I put out da clock, & wound da cat up tight;
& all bcoz u kissed me (kiss) gudnite

I ran up da shade & pulled down da stair;
I curled up da rug, & I vacuumed my hair;

I just couldn't tell my left foot from my right;
& all bcoz u kissed me (kiss) gudnite


As da years were passing by
Our love did c us through.

& nw dat life 4 me is done
I wish one thing 4 u.

Look back at all dat we held dear
& keep ur head held high.

Shed no tears & know, My Love
That dis is not Good-bye.

Da love we shared will c u through,
Hold on wid all ur might,

2 all da faith & love we shared
4 this is just Good-Nite.


Gud nite my love, I think of thee
As I dream my soul will flee

Through da clouds oh so free
Ur lovely face I hope 2 c.

Over land so far apart
Bt always close here in my heart

As I dream in slumber's cart
My spirit has a trip 2 start.


A nite full of love,
nite full of butterfly.
A nite full of caress.
A nite full of kiss.
A nite of bliss.

A nite 4 indulgence.
A intimate & sexy ambiance.
A nite of 2uch.
A nite 2 remembr...
A nite with u.


Nite, wen bautiful looks da stream.
It is da time da subconscious rocks.

Nite, when silent is da sea.
Nite, when also sleeping are da trees.

Nite, when high is da crime.
Still Nite is da only of its kind..


I want a nite.
2 spend with u.
I want a nite.
2 love u through.

I want a nite.
With u next 2 me.
I want a nite.
4 us 2 see.

I want a nite.
Filled with love.
I want a nite.
That loves made of.


Another nite dinner 4 one.
Another nite in a place with no love.

Another nite with sorrow & despair.
Another nite with silence in da air.

Another nite of a 4ged smile.
Another nite knowing I won't feel happiness 4 a while.

Another nite of talking 2 myself.
Another nite of wanting 2 hang myself.

Another nite of close feelings.
Another nite of not eating.


At Nite u will close embraces.
& Nite this caress will cover.

At Nite u'll remove ur dresses.
& God blesses u, my lover.

In Nite rises dizziness & passion.
At Nite u're with itself alone.

At Nite - reign, u're free in action.
At Nite nothing keeps in ur soul.

Nite reconciles spirits, right u're.
At Nite it is useless 2 wager.


Cute Good Night Poems

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