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Relationship Poems

The beauty of internal marriage
It's sealed by love
Wrapped by happiness and peace
Obstacles may come still
it will stay strong like an iron,
sweet as honey
it bears fruits of life
the real beauty of internal marriage
it's lead by God filled with love
favored by few
hated by many


He holds his hand over his cards
Just in case you can see through them.
He makes bets so high and wild
That he must have the better hand
You do not know the game,
But you cannot mistake the player
The kind who says he's about to touch the stars
When he's in a moment of surrender.


You invaded my private world with your beautiful smile and understanding heart,
And I wondered to myself that you were different right from the very start.
You listened without judgment to what I had about me to say,
And even after I was done with the good, the bad, the ugly you still didn't run away


Family is the strong tie,
That holds u to the ground.
When it seems that u have lost,
All that u had found.
They are the rock that holds u down,
When u start to float away,
& they can turn ur life around,
When u go astray.
They are the friends that u are born with,
They are with u 'till the end,
& when life treats you rough,
ur broken heart they will mend.
Although sometimes u may fuss and fight,
& may not always agree,
In the dark, they are the light,
That shows the path so u can see.


My greatest dream,
Is to spend the rest of my life with u;
Laughing and sharing,
Making wonderful memories in all that we do

To grow together, to be strong as one,
To talk, to communicate,
To unite when things come undone

To be ur best friend,
And for u to be mine;
To support one another
When we give things a try

To be honest and faithful
To be kind and comforting,
Generous and respectful
For now & for always


Through my life I have been in lots of bad relationships.
I'd wonder if I'd ever meet a guy whom I could trust and depend upon.
I longed for what my friends had with their boyfriends.
I am finally thankful to say that my longing has ended.
I ahve found a guy whom I can confide everything in.
We have alot that is pure and true and also very strong.
I hope I never lose this relationship.


As I sit alone in my room tonight
It sure is a change from the same old fight

I want to be held and loved tonight
To share all my dreams with the man who lost sight

Hold on or let go I need to decide
But oh how I wish you were here by my side

Changes have come and loneliness fades
When I learn to accept the choices we made


Far away you can be if you must
For this love can never rust

If we make it a point to talk and adjust
We will still have the same yearning and lust

All it boils down to is a little trust
And this love won't simply turn to dust.


People always have this to say
That distance will make love drifts away

If out of sight you have to stay
Out of mind it will be one fine day.

Love is not always as flimsy as they portray
Because when absence comes into play

The heart simply grows fonder without delay
I know mine does as I think of you everyday.


When we started out years ago
Warmth ruled in our little household

We cuddled and kisses would flow
Love and passion were uncontrolled.

But now I can no longer find the glow
All by myself I shiver in the cold

When a knife cuts, tears and blood flow
This scar in my heart I'll bear ‘till I'm old.


I'll be there with you one day soon
To love you everyday

And then my heart will sing a tune
And you will hear it say.

I've finally found my one true love
As true as one can be

And now your all I'm thinking of
Forever stay with me.


Our life has not been easy,
We've managed to drift apart.

But whatever it's worth.
Know you're always in my heart.

Not a day goes by.
When I don't wish we'd talk.

To say hello or goodbye.
Or maybe go for a walk.


The blessings of a big family.
are only seen by a few.

A few of the chosen ones.
that God has given this blessing too.

The blessings are so numerous.
it's hard to even start.

to number or to name them but.
they all hold a place in the heart.


When you've got a family like mine,
You surely would not mind.

They would cheer you on at any game,
All the way until you walk through the hall of fame.

They make you feel better when you are blue.
And whisper in your ear, I love you.

They would teach you something new everyday.
And help you find success in everyway.


As I sit alone in my room tonight.
It sure is a change from the same old fight.

I want to be held and loved tonight.
To share all my dreams with the man who lost sight.

Hold on or let go I need to decide.
But oh how I wish you were here by my side.

Changes have come and loneliness fades.
When I learn to accept the choices we made.


I love you
When ever I saw you
You would put a smile on my face
You cheered me up
When I was feeling down
You cheered me on


Even if you cannot shape your life as you want it
at least try this
as much as you can, do not debase it
in excessive contact with the world
in the excessive movements and talk.


Life plays a different role
When loves around, nothing to bore
Enjoying the happiness
Sharing the love and belongingness


How I wishI could turn back time
To the days when he was mine.
To the days when our hearts were one,
When our clocks of love had just begun.


I love you,
When ever I saw you,
You would put a smile on my face,
You cheered me up,
When I was feeling down,


Today there are no memories of you,
I've done thrown them all away.
Today there are no memories of you
and all of your dismay


Perhaps i was Blind indeed
To think that without u
I would never succeed
But hey,I opened my eyes
And i Realized
That u have funny looking ears
And are ugly as a mice


I never knew a friend so true
One like me could only be you
She's not afraid to say you're wrong
In her understanding I stand strong.


It was casual at 1st between me & u.
Introduced at a time wen life was care free.

U brought me comfort & put me at plainness.
A sensation that felt like a warm summer breeze.

Whether up r down, it seemed only u cared.
Bt some disapproved of the bond that we shared.

It was all innocent & just did not seem right.
Conversations of u always started a fight.

To avoid conflict, we hid & I lied.
Wanting u always, right there by my side.


My heart iz captured in a hazy mist,
Filled with fading memories of our last kiss.
While tears rain down nd erase,
Tha touch nd feel of our last embrace.

How can my spirit live on,
Without love's beauty nd song.
Her absence ll b a mystery,
Which haunts my nights wth misery.


Ask me y I send u here
This sweet Infanta of the year?
Ask me y I send 2 u
This primrose, thus bepearl'd with dew?
I will whisper to ur ears,
The sweets of love are mix with tears.
Ask me y this flower does show
So yellow & green & sickly 2?
Ask me y the stalk is weak
& bending
I will answer. These discover
Wat fainting hopes are in a lover.


I m picking up tha peices of my heart
U just tored it all apart
Now I dont know where 2 start
U left it there without a care
U said you alwayz b there
Bt then U left nd left me heartless
You made me all a mess


Attraction is the temporary love. But love is the permanent attraction. Just a game of words but makes lot of difference in life.


TRUE RELATION IS Never hide your secrets from a person who can read your Eyes... Because the one who reads your Eyes is always expert in reading your Heart.


A Heart Touching Fight GIRL: I want to end our Relationship. I m going to return everything u gave me" BOY- "Ok... then, Let's Start with Hugs & Kisses.


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