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Cute Poems

I love you like I love a day
when everything goes right
I love you like I love to lay
and watch the stars at night
I love you like I love the rain
its lustful calm embrace
I love you like I love to laugh
until it hurts my face


Sometimes when I close my eyes I see an image of you,
and once again I come to realize I am addicted to you.


If I were to write a poem,
The geese would fly north for the winter just because my poem told them to,
Cows would climb trees,
Cats would chase dogs only because my poem said that.

If I were to write a poem,
The Queen of England would bow down to its greatness,
And because this poem is so good,
My teacher would give me an A+


I'm glad to
have our dance.
A loving and
sweet romance.
My dearest wind
until next fall
we meet again
your loving leaf.


I really don't want u 2 get hurt
but when u c me u always look at my shirt
u are not a nerd
but i can describe u in a word...... DESPRITE
u are my friend. A good 1 two
but when you talk about goo
I wane peek in my shoe
when u talk sense I felt like I can who!!
I like u but as a friend.....
Please don't blow up you're tent...


s Wen u are old & gray & full of sleep,
& nodding by the fire, take down dis book,

& slowly read, & dream of the soft look
Ur eyes had once, & of their shadows deep;

Hw many luvd ur moments of glad grace,
& luvd ur beauty wid luv false or true;

Bt one man luvd the pilgrim soul in u,
& luvd the sorrows of ur changing face.

& bending down beside the glowing bars
Murmur, a little sadly, hw luv fled

& paced upon the mountains overhead
& his face amid a crowd of stars.


My heart is breaking every moment im away
My heart is aching wid every word i say

Wen we first met, i didnt know
It would b dis hard 2 let u go

Now my mind is filled wid fear
I hope & pray u will b here

U say we will meet again
Bt i dont know where hw or wen

Plz dont leave me in the dark
Only bcoz u left ur mark


Y dont u go take a sheet
& wipe ur as wid ur feet

Go up & down 2 flush it down
& smack ur pecker on the ground

Say uh uh while doin this
have a smile den start 2 kiss

Make out wid ur big head friend
cuz it wil be with u til the end!


Have u fed me wid a special pill
Dat makes my feelings overflow & spill

Wid luv 4 u dat is so deep until
A whole ocean it can easily fill!


1 day, ur arms will possess me,
1 day, u will ask 4 my hand,

1 day, the ring will be shining,
In the sun as we walk thro' the sand.

1 day, romance will caress me,
1 day, the church bells will chime,

& we will go cruising 2gether 4ever
4 the luv of my dreams will b mine.


Cute Poems

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