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Dear..., I still remember that day, when i came to u and tell you that i am interested in u. I don't know much about u. but everytime i see u , i feel more energetic, and more happy. by those feelings, i just hope that, one day i'll find out. and i hope u'll remember me, a girl who has a little crush on you.the only regret i have, is that i don't have a lot of chances to know u more From...


Dear _____, You are my one true love. You are my destiny. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today. Loving you is the only thing that makes life worth living. I love you and I always will until I die. Please forgive me for all the hurt that I have caused you in the past. Love always,


Dear ________, It feels like when you come around me my mouth becomes grid locked and all the words I want to say just stop. It seems like it is easier for you to express yourself to me than it is from me to you. Marcus, I love you, and know that I will always have hidden feelings for you. I love you, Baby. Love Always,


Good morning Sweetheart!

Let me tell u 1 thing that You r the most gorgeous woman. You make me feel worthy of luv. I have lost much of my time in life becoz I did not have a companion. I want to share my life's adventures with you. You are the woman that welcomed me. I want to spend my whole life with you till my last day on earth.

I love you so much,



I love you so much my sweet heart. How much those three little words can mean thats really amazing. I know these are not enough to describe the feelings of my heart that beats only for you. When I think about the moments that i have spent with you, My heart filled with joy and happiness. Here i want to say that I am mad about you. Please tell me that you love me too.

Your Lover


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