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Valentine Poems To Friends

People come and people go,
In and out of your life and so,
When one shines bright among the rest,
And is there when needed, you're truly blessed.
That is how I see you, friend of mine,
And why I'm sending this Valentine.


The love you give me spreads like an infection
which is why Anny gave me a rejection
so let me reveal a secret to you
And then you can decide what you must do.


Thoughts of affection fill my mind
Wen Valentine's Day is near;

I think about my closest friends,
Those who are most dear.

& on that special Valentine list,
U're at the top, my friend.

I luv u, & I know for sure,
Our friendship will never end!


There must be time 2 grieve that sorrow might
Be equal 2 the luv of days & years.
I would not be the sun 2 end ur night.

For grief, before it breaks, must reach its height,
& tides must turn before one homeward steers.
But I will watch wid u until it's light.

There are agonies no friendship can requite,
A bitterness unstained till dawn appears.
I would not be the sun 2 end ur night.
But I will watch wid u until it's light.


Jst as a wave is lifted by the shore,
Then breaks across the slowly rising sand,

So as I watch u weep my feelings pour
Across the wash of wat I understand.

I wish I could just take u in my arms
& all ur pain could melt in2 my chest,

But there is solace in a loving friend
& comfort in wat I don't have 2 say.

Watever circumstance u cannot bear,
Just turn 2 me, & u will find me there.


A friend is like a Valentine
She has a loving heart.

U share wid her ur feelings;
Her listening is an art.

A friend is like a Valentine;
Like candy, she is sweet.

& that description fits u, friend;
U make my life complete!


Valentine's for luvrs & for friends.
All my luv goes out 2 u this day!
Luv is something different from desire:
Even, silent, peaceful as the sky.
Nor is luv interested in means or ends.
There are no selfish needs that it must weigh.
Instead, luv's plenitude itself inspires,
Needing neither cause nor reason why.
Each day my thoughts enchanted wid u lie.


A friend is like a Valentine,
Heartwarming, bringing pleasure,
Connected 2 good feelings,
Wid memories 2 treasure.

Seeing a special Valentine.
Brings happiness 2 stay,
& that's wat u do, friend,
U brighten every day!


Valentine's Day reminds me.
how meaningful my feelings are for u.

U have a special place in my world.
that no one else could fill.

Out of ur overflowing heart,
u add color & light 2 my life.

U continually cross my mind,
like a precious dose of sunshine,


People come & people go,
In & out of ur life & so,

Wen one shines bright among the rest,
& is there wen needed, u're truly blessed.

That is how I see u, friend of mine,
& why I'm sending this Valentine.


A Valentine friend is someone u choose.
2 share ur life wid u,

Someone who is always there,
Whether u're happy or blue.

Wid a Valentine friend, u can be urself.
U don't need 2 pretend;

Wen u're careful 2 choose a compatible match,
U create a perfect blend.

Wid u for my special Valentine friend,
My life is full & bright;

U bring contentment, joy & peace;
U're my Valentine delight!


Valentine Poems To Friends

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