Good Night Poems For Friends

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Good Night Poems For Friends

good Night
let everything for a while
go out of sight
forget the problems
and everyone in spite
skip the reality
everything will be alright
rest your soul and be ready
cos tomorrow waits another fight


Every night I thank God for having you by my side
without you I think my life would be as uncertain as tossing the dice,
thanks for existing and letting me be by your side,
it is a dream come true having you with me tonight
good night


Every day is beautiful
So is each night
With friends like you around
Everything seems right
Each moment is amazing
So is every heartbeat
Friends like you
Make life so complete
Good night


go over your day when you are in bed tonight just before you fall asleep,
and feel gratitude for the good moments.
If there was something you wanted to happen differently,
replay it in your mind the way you wanted it to go.
As you fall asleep, say,
I will sleep deeply and wake up full of energy.
Tomorrow is going to be the most beautiful day of my life.
Gud Nyt..


Girlfriends dump you
Boyfriends break your heart
Only your friends remain by your side
From the very start
Parents scold you
Teachers give you detention
Bosses yell at you
Only friends remove this tension
As the day comes to an end
Everyone else is out of sight
Only good friends like me
Sweetly wish you good night


The nicest dreams that will ever be
are the dreams shared by
my ted and me.


Night is come by, so set your bed and go to sleep,
What lies ahead of you, are lovely dreams.
May all your problems and worries melt away,
For tomorrow is going to be a brand new day!
Good night!


Goodnight my dear,
I'm glad I have you near,
For the many things you've brought me,
There's nothing I shall fear.
Goodnight my dear,
Let my songs wipe your tears,
We've certainly got each other,
And we always shall through the years.
Goodnight my dear,
Let my prayer bring you cheer,
The moon is bright and the stars are shining,
And they bless us always here.


Gudnite my sun
Goodnite my friend
Rest ur soul at dis
Long day's end

Da fire inside
Will warm our nite
& daddy's arms will
Hold u tight

Dream of summer skies
Sunset is bound 2 each sunrise
Rest is ur 1st right
My friend gudnite


A Friend is a Treasure A friend is someone we turn 2,
wen our spirits need a lift.

A friend is some1 we treasure,
4 our friendship is a gift.

A friend is some1 who fills our lives,
with beauty, joy & grace.

& make da world we live in,
a better & happier place.



When I cry u help me out
When I'm happy u hear me shout

When I grin u know I'm really mad
bcoz u are my best friend

U can tell when I'm sad
U're there in thick & thin

U're my best friend
U hear me out when I want 2 talk

U help me out when I get mad
U are da bestest friend I've ever had

Good Nite My Sweet Friend !


As we walk our path of life,
We meet people everyday.

Most r simply met by chance.
But, some r sent our way.

These bcum special friends
Whose bond we can't explain;

Da ones who understand us
& share our joy & pain.


A friend iz like a flower,
a rose 2 b exact,

Or may b like a brand new gate
dat never comes unlatched.

A friend iz like an owl,
both beautiful & wise.

Or perhaps a friend iz like a ghost,
whose spirit never dies.


Some say goodnite -- at nite.
I say goodnite by day.

Gud-bye -- da Going utter me.
Goodnite, I still reply.

For parting, dat iz nite,
& presence, simply dawn.

Itself, da purple on da height.
Denominated morn.


Frnds, my heart is half a weary.
Of its happiness 2-nite.

Though ur songs are gay & cheery,
& ur spirits feadar-light.

Dare's a ghostly music haunting.
Still da heart of every guest.

& a voiceless chorus chanting.
That da Old Times were da best.


Oh, it is good 2 drink & sup,
& dan beside da kindly fire.

2 smoke & heap da faggots up,
& rest & dream 2 heart's desire.

Oh, it is good 2 ride & run,
2 roam da greenwood wild & free.

2 hunt, 2 idle in da sun,
2 leap in2 da laughing sea.


I take my wine jug out among da flowers.
2 drink alone, without friends.

I raise my cup 2 entice da moon.
That, & my shadow, makes us three.

Bt da moon doesn't drink,
& my shadow silently follows.

I will travel with moon & shadow,
happy 2 da end of spring.


Wen nite falls on da earth, da sea.
From east 2 west lies twinkling bright.
Wid shining beams from beacons high.
Which flash afar a friendly lite.

Da sailor's eyes, like eyes in prayer,
Turn unto dam 4 guiding ray.
If storms obscure their radiance,
Da gr8 ships helpless grope their way.

O thought 2 vast! O thought 2o glad!
An awe mst rapturous it stirs.
From world 2 world God's beacons shine.
God means 2 save his mariners!.


Good Night Poems For Friends

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